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Flik2 280/Summit

Flik2 280/Summit

DOM is 2020 - 0 jumps on the system 

6'1" 185lbs - little wiggle up n down 

Some might think it's a little cheeky wanting full retail for a canopy thats no longer in production BUT thats exactly why. 

The Flik2 was a great canopy that was loved by all who flew it. Apex was known for its light weight sewing techniques which translated to the smallest pack volume in comparison to other manufacturers. 

Look at the last photo and you'll see a side by side of a blackjack 280 (left) and Flik2 280 lite (right) - both packed into Summits. The Flik almost looks like a 240. 

It has 3 vents, no slats, and no ZP nose - all which also translates into weight and bulk savings. Canopy is Black with Green center cell and stabilizers. 

The canopy is very responsive, has great glide, flare, and sinks really well. Not as good sink as an OSP2 or Hayduke2 but still very good. 

Container is fully loaded with 3 rings, stainless hardware, and saddle bags. If you were to order this rig today it would come identical so I don't think it being 4 years old matters at all. 

Comes with a brand new Pitch 44" PC and stash bag. 

This is a dope system, perfect for someone just finishing a course, wants new gear, and doesn't want to wait 4-5 months for it. 

And the most important thing - Money over Bitches ;)

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