Fully Custom, inside and out

Adrenalin, Apex, and SQRL off offer fully customized containers. The design process is a little different on the brand so contact us for more info on bringing your ideas to life.


Sell Your Rig


If you would like us to sell gear on your behalf we are happy to do so. Our process is outlined below. 

  • You mail us what you would like to sell and we will give it a full inspection upon arrival and take photos of everything. 
  • We will determine a price based on the condition, age, and number of jumps on the gear. 
  • We will list it for sale everywhere and handle all communication with potential buyers. We will also have it available for people to see in person. We are located in Twin Falls. 
  • Upon sale of the rig, we will receive payment, subtract our fee (10%), and then send you the rest. Shipping to the buyer is usually covered by them unless you decide to include it in the list price. 

Why sell through us? 

  • Having your gear inspected by a professional rigger ensures that everything is in good condition. We will not sell gear that does not pass our inspection and is deemed un-airworthy. 
  • We have a well established network of buyers and sellers.  
  • We work with a lot of new jumpers and buying through us gives them comfort in knowing that it's going through a company which is well established vs someone they don't know. 
  • Having gear sold through us provides the seller and the buyer more protection with the transaction.
  • It makes the sellers job easier as all you have to do is send us your gear and we handle everything. 

Can I take my gear back?

If you find a buyer yourself, feel like it's taking too long to sell, or just want your gear returned for any reason, there will be a flat fee of $200. This covers the inspection, storage, and time spent taking photos, listing, and communicating with potential buyers. 

All shipping fees will be covered by the buyer. 

 If you would would like us to sell your gear or have any questions please email us: admin@basegear.net