Fully Custom, inside and out

Adrenalin, Apex, and SQRL off offer fully customized containers. The design process is a little different on the brand so contact us for more info on bringing your ideas to life.



Our inventory will be updated often so check back or contact us if we don’t have the size/model you are looking for. 


All canopies listed below are currently hooked up to containers. You are welcome to disconnect the canopy and put it on your own container but that doesn’t change the price. 

You will receive the rig packed, and we want you to return it unpacked so we can inspect it. It is assumed that you will ONLY jump the bridge with our gear. We do not accept any responsibility for you getting injured on our equipment. 

If you damage our gear you will pay for it. If something happens please tell us. If you don’t, and we find holes or whatever during our inspection, you will also be damaging our relationship. 





Currently Available  

Small People 

Hayduke 210 / Crux 



OSP2 225 (PIA 240) / Perigee Pro 

Blackjack 240 / Summit 



OSP1 245 (PIA 260) / Hybrid

Hayduke 260 / Crux



ALL-T 280 / Summit

OSP2 265 (PIA 280) / Summit 

Hayduke 280 / Crux


OSP2 285 (PIA 300) / Summit