Twin Falls 

If you are an experienced jumper and haven’t jumped for a while, would like to focus on improving specific skills, or would just like to have some supervision and feedback on your jumps…we are happy to help. 

All coaching will take place at the Perrine Bridge and everything will be be tailored to your current skill level, and what you would like to improve on. 

We are happy to help review packing, exiting techniques, deployment methods, unpacked jumps, object avoidance, running exits, accuracy, and landing skills. 

Included in our daily rates:  

1- As many jumps as weather will allow between sunrise and sunset on the date(s) requested. 

We recommend that you account for a couple of extra days in case we get bad weather. 

2- Every jump will be filmed on a 4K video camera with optical zoom so we will have crystal clear video of each of your jumps. 

We will debrief at the bridge after each load as well as on a big screen at the end of the day. You will get a copy of all the videos to take home. 

3- Pickup from the hike out or boat dock depending on how you would like to get out from the landing area. 

Daily rates 

$300 per day - 4 people max


If you would like us to pack for you it will be $20 per pack job on top of the above rates. 

A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking which is non refundable for any reason and the balance will be paid when you arrive in Twin Falls. 



We also offer BASE guiding in MOAB for the same rates listed above with a few exceptions. 

1- You must already have some Slider Down B/E experience or have taken the Object Avoidance Course at SRBA. 

If we don’t know who you are we will require a reference. 

2- We will not pack for you. 

3- If you are looking for one on one guiding we require a minimum of two days. 

MOAB is the Mecca for Slider Down BASE jumping in the United States. There are literally hundreds of exit points to choose from. We will only take you to the ones we feel are appropriate for your ability level. 



 Q: Will you help set Custom Deep Brakes on my canopy? 

A: No 

Setting custom brakes on a canopy is not as straight forward a process as most people think. It usually requires 5-7 jumps, making adjustments in between each one in order to get the appropriate setting, followed by 2-3 hours of rigging, followed by several jumps on the new setting to ensure it is correct. 

Winds play a huge factor in this as well so currently we are not offering this as part of our daily coaching as it can sometimes take up to four days depending on the time of year/weather during your stay. 

If you would like to set custom brakes on a canopy we recommend you take the Object Avoidance Course with Snake River BASE Academy. If you did not learn to jump there but have some experience (at least 25 jumps) you are welcome to come and sit through the Fundamentals Course for FREE, and then sign up and attend the Object Avoidance Course afterwards. If you have any questions about this please contact us.