One Year

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It's officially been one year since I launched this site and I've been blown away with how awesome things have been so far. It's a privilege to be able to do something within BASE and feel like I can give back in some way. 

Heres to constant progress and theres plenty more to come. 

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Turkey Boogie 2017

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Amazing time at this years event. Next year BG will have something special in store! 

Enjoy these videos!

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Thank You

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After only 2 months officially in business I have been blown away with the amount of orders I have taken in and I am truly grateful. Most of you don't know about any of the behind the scenes struggles but even buying a pair of toggles helps a lot and I truly appreciate it. 

The products we have in stock, and the brands we are partnering with, continues to grow and I vow to remain committed to only selling products I personally use and can stand behind. 

Starting anything from scratch is always tough but having so much support early on has been extremely rewarding, and encouraging. 

Thank You. 

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Helmet Buying Guide for BASE

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Aside from your actual rig your helmet is arguably your most important piece of gear. 

Seeing as there are no companies (yet) specifically making helmets for BASE we have to look outside our sport to find suitable ones. Most common are other extreme sports - Skateboarding, Skiing & Snowboarding, and BMX to name a few. 

There are a lot of choices out there and a lot of questions to ask yourself when trying to decide on what to get. A lot of people fall into the trap of buying a certain brand/style just because thats what their friends have but it's always good to do a little research yourself (we recommend the same for everything BASE related) before making a decision. 

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Welcome to BASE Gear

Posted on February 13, 2016 by BASE GEAR | 0 comments

After months of communicating with manufacturers and sourcing products we stand behind we are officially live. Welcome! 

This site, and the products we carry, will continuously grow and expand as time goes on and we will be all over Facebook and Instagram with updates so be sure to follow us. 

Our goal is to provide the most practical, functional, and affordable gear and accessories for BASE Jumping. We are committed to becoming a one stop shop for BASE. This store is one of a kind. 

If you would like us to carry additional brands or products contact us and we will take it into consideration. 


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