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The Perigee II has set the standard for modern Velcro-closed BASE rigs. Asylum has addressed the needs of the contemporary fixed object jumper by providing a more securely closed and dimensionally refined Velcro container with all of the features that the professionals asked us for.

The pin-closed Perigee Pro is ideal for terminal delays and extreme aerials, and the Perigee II is for jumpers who primarily jump objects under 1000' (300m) and only occasionally travel to taller objects. Velcro closure ensures reliable performance at lower airspeeds, and the design of the Perigee II offers a highly refined fit and versatility that is available nowhere else

The Perigee II is a state-of-the-art Velcro container, ideal for one second delays and suitable for tracking at terminal. If most of your jumps are made without a slider (‘slider down’), or you prefer the simplicity and safety of a Velcro closure, then the Perigee II is for you.

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