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The OSP is a BASE canopy optimized for sub-terminal jumps (delays up to 8 seconds). Canopy design has been optimized for slider down or slider up low altitude jumps. Like all Atair products, the OSP canopy is reinforced in the critical areas. The MDV system is standard on the canopy.

In comparison to the Troll canopy, OSP differs in the following areas:

  • faster openings due to better canopy pressurization during opening
  • lower flying speed (horizontal and vertical)
  • improved performance during deep brake flight – increased control range and better response to control inputs

This canopy is ideal for jumps with delays up to 8 seconds. It can also be used for jumps with long delays reaching terminal velocity, but a slow slider is strongly recommended otherwise openings may become uncomfortable!!!

Available sizes:

185, 205, 225, 245, 265, 285, 305



  • F111 material
  • Dacron lines
  • SLAT & MDV system
  • ZP leading edge
  • Two stage brakes setting
  • Control lines in different color
  • Big mesh slider
  • Tail Gate system


  • Lightweight material
  • Black Dacron lines
  • Slow slider
  • Small mesh slider
  • Black tapes, thread and slider
  • Vectran lines *

* for slider up jumps only

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